Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-driving luggage: travel in smart, secure and superior tech style

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Abstract: Informed by the principles of good design, Airwheel provides the widest audience with the best possible experiences while in pursuit of their passions. Airwheel has developed a smart suitcase H3S that will follow you everywhere.


Airwheel has made efforts to tap into more product functions and enhance their performance to new models, such as the SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase. Molded of excellent heat and impact resistance and anti-wear and anti-scratch ABS and PC material and fitted with polyester fabric lining, this luggage can resist everything on the open road, even water. The internal structure includes separated zipper pocket, maintenance pocket and energy storage pocket. It is available in one size (30L volume) and two colors.


Airwheel SR5 travelmate suitcase


With onmi- wheels, high-quality materials and plenty of packing space, the Airwheel SR5 carry-on is made to go anywhere and built to last. Its wheels are guaranteed for life and let you roll easily over steps, curbs, snow and more – as well as increase the amount of packing space inside the bag. SR5 smart autonomous suitcase has installed adjustable, telescopic handle for travelers of all sizes. With TSA lock which is applicable to many countries, it prevents damage to the suitcase when there are customs checks.


Airwheel SR5 robotic suitcase follows you


What makes SR5 unique is the auto-follow, automatic obstacle avoidance and anti-lost alert and more. SR5 auto-following suitcase knows your location by using its camera and by pairing with your smart phone via Bluetooth. It promises obstacle avoidance, has an anti-theft alarm, and follows you automatically. Not only SR5, but also user's mobile phone will send alert if it is separated from the user beyond safe distance. Users are able to keep track of their luggage with the innovative locator. What is more, the position track and anti-lost alarm allow users to switch between auto-follow and remote control easily and safely. In addition, equipped with a 48.8Wh battery bank, SR5 smart robot suitcase can charge your iPhone, iPad and other accessories with the compatibility of the USB-C devices.


AirwheelSR5 robotic suitcase follows you


In a word, Airwheel SR5 carry-on suitcase is ideal for vacations, sleep overs, and weekends away. More importantly, it will make you travel in style.

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