Airwheel SR5 robot suitcase was born for the new-generation travelers

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Airwheel has created a smart autonomous suitcase SR5 that follows you wherever you go. And you can control it with your smart phone. There are a number of sophisticated features built in the Airwheel SR5 to make it unique, let's take a close look at it.


This is the digital age of travel. Airwheel has engineered its luggage with innovative smart features to make your travel experience effortless from the start. Airwheel SR5 smart robotics suitcase use solid material, the cover is made of ABS + PC, it shares both the advantages of PC's excellent hardness and impact resistance and ABS's anti-wear and anti-scratch. Its removable battery can charge portable devices via a USB connection. Its range can reach 5 km and the charging time is about four hours. The smart charger is compliant with international flight regulations and can be brought into the cabin of any airline. If it is out of power, you can hold SR5 like a common suitcase.


Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase


Perhaps the coolest part — especially if more than two suitcases put you at risk of being in a muddle — is the auto-follow function. With the visual tracking and sensor technology, SR5 self driving travel bag realizes auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance. There are a number of sensors built in the SR5 so it will not bump onto obstacles and follow you smoothly. Moreover, thanks to the intelligent alarm system, users will never worry about its loss, as SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase and your movement will trigger alarm when it's separated from its owner beyond a safe distance.


Airwheel SR5 robot suitcase


Despite all the sensors and other components built in this smart suitcase, SR5 auto-following suitcase is as spacious and effective as a regular carry-on bag. Its frame is built with aluminum alloy, and the entire piece has a capacity of 30 liters. The reasonable layout gives you opportunity to arrange the travel items under categories. What's more, the TSA Customs Lock keep the safe of SR5 robot suitcase on wheels' payloads, combines the features that you'd expect from such a smart device with traditional baggage security. Try your new travel companion for next holiday.


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