Airwheel robot self-balancing scooters are designed for all age

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Abstract: Automation is increasingly becoming a larger part of daily life. How to realize daily commute's automation? This Airwheel robot self-balancing scooter will be a great choice as a gift for everyone who would like to give it try with unique experience. Especially for outside sporting enthusiasts, this scooter with diverse features would be the dream gift for them.


Nowadays, with the increase of environmental awareness, there is a wealth of electric scooters available to help you minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your greenhouse emissions. Do you feel it difficult to learn? Airwheel robotic electric scooters are designed for all levels of experience at any age. The Airwheel smart balance electric scooter is easy for everyone to learn. Intelligent sensor systems with multipoint spread over the saddle and pedals and riders can control it to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward.


Airwheel S3 robot electric scooter


No matter the S3, S8 or S8MINI, they install non slip foot pads. To provide safer user experience, it has solid foot grips. Therefore, the solid foot grips make it be non-slip foot pads to avoid slipperiness. Airwheel self-balancing two-wheeled robot provides 360 degree rotation that would give users cool experience. As some users prefer to ride it and perform challenging actions. Moreover, Bluetooth version makes your Airwheel smart balance electric scooter be connected with your smart phone, you can listen music directly when you are riding it.


Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter


S3 has added light alloy kickstands allowing riders to park it anywhere and anytime. Its 4-inch display panel offers fabulous visual experience showing various real-time data. What makes Airwheel successful is its innovation. S8 and S8mini saddle-equipped electric scooters can be ridden in two different ride modes, as they rewrite the algorithm and upgrade the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving. It is more user-friendly for beginners to learn it. S8mini is smaller than S8 making it easy to carry and ready to store in a car trunk.


Airwheel S8 mini robot scooter


To conclude, the aluminum alloy frame, lighter weight and increased flexibility bring performance to the next level. Go ride Airwheel robotic electric scooter this weekend.



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