Designed to perform flawlessly with total comfort in mind--Airwheel H3S robotic chair

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Abstract: Airwheel is engaged in the development of electric vehicles, research and production with a wealth of experience. Quality and safety make Airwheel today. H3S power chair is different from other models, designed to perform flawlessly with total comfort in mind for the people who have difficulty in walking.

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With years of development, Airwheel's technical strength has been enhanced, and has provided a higher level of professional technology and many knock-out products for the electric vehicle industry. For example, H3S robot from electric wheelchair is designed to perform flawlessly with total comfort in mind for the people who have difficulty in walking.


Airwheel H3S auto-following wheelchair


First, Airwheel H3S features automatic folding system, pressing one button to fold and unfold it. Its portable and easy-fold design allows for convenient storage and easy transport. In fact, it fits in just about any vehicle. Moreover, it has dual ride mode, man-powered mode and electric powered mode to offer more choices. H3S robotic wheelchair is perfectly designed for travel in any place you want to go; to the mall, office , park, or on vacation.


Airwheel H3S motorized chair


H3S medical equipment is made from lightweight solid aluminum alloy material to accommodate almost anyone. It is perfect for individuals who want to ride comfortably and maneuver over all types of terrains while holding its maximum weight capacity. And it can holds up to 130 kg and with a standard seat with 450mm saddle width and 450mm depth.  The thickened soft cushion made of high-grade breathable fabric which is easy to clean is designed for the sedentary to ease fatigue. Also, the seat belt is to safeguard each trip.


Airwheel H3S folding wheelchair


The auto-follow function makes H3S unique and best seller in the market. By installing the visual tracking and sensor technology, it can follow its owner automatically and it will be helpful when go shopping. Also, riders can control it via smart phone app. Now you can do more with the Airwheel H3S auto-following wheelchair, and you can attend family gatherings, go shopping, visit museums, fairs, and other social events with the confidence that you will be able to enjoy yourself by gaining more independence with your H3S.



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