With Airwheel robot smart helmet, your traditional bike journey is sure going to change completely

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Abstract: The Airwheel C series of robot smart helmets are designed with exclusive features which are certainly going to shape the motorcycle industry for better. Some of the super smart features in the helmets can be found in the following.


With years of hard work, Airwheel has become a household name in the electric scooter sector. Yet, many may not aware of its extended business line, such as the high quality sports helmet, smart robot suitcase and robotic wheelchair and more. The Airwheel C series (C5, C6 and C8 included) not only guarantee the riders' safety, but also enrich the journey. With Airwheel intelligent camera helmet, your traditional bike journey is sure going to change completely. They are going to ensure several bikers a safe and cool ride.


Airwheel C5 smart helmet outdoor sports Safety


Firstly, there is head-up display enabling riders to take pictures or video and keep records of riding scenery. Then, it features easy touch communication: take charge on the safety of your ride while on road with smart communication (making quick calls) through the touch panel, which is designed on the one side of the helmet. Also, Airwheel robot smart helmet realizes Bluetooth connectivity: enjoy a hassle-free connection with your favorite music while wearing this helmet. It's easy and surely makes your biking experience a convenient and enjoyable one.


Airwheel C6 robotics helmet


Along with the smart features, Airwheel C8 also ensured its safety by devising the full-face design with aerodynamics. C6 adopts open face design and C5 intelligent helmet with action camera chooses great ventilating system to meet different riders' requirements. C5's ventilating system improves air flow to the maximum with front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole. The safety standards of the helmets are well maintained, and the fitted batteries are completely risk-free. The smart sleek design of the helmet makes a chic addition to its features and instantly becomes a favorite among every bike rider.


Airwheel C8 robot smart helmet


Airwheel cool street bike helmets are all about adding the right amount of shining points to your personality and with the perfect combination of technology and style, these helmets are the must-haves for every bike rider or motorcycle rider.


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