Airwheel SE3 scooter suitcase: get to where you’re going faster with less stress.

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Abstract: This time. Airwheel chose SE3 to crowd funding on Kickstarter with the aim to make it more popular and more humanized. SE3 is a motorized suitcase that lets you zip through the airport at the max speed of 10km/h, all while charging your phone and keeping your belongings safe.

Airwheel SE3 fully functional drag-along suitcase

Airwheel mini electric scooter is an essential gadget for the following reasons, including its unique riding modes and techniques, a variety of utilities and making contribution to building a harmonious world and so on. To further widen its business line, Airwheel rolled out robot smart suitcases and SE3 modo bag is the one which can be ridden.

Airwheel SE3 rideable_suitcase

SE3’s super lightweight design, dimensions, and ease of movement make it the perfect partner for any commute or urban excursion; while still getting you where you need to be in a safe and efficient manner. It has a long range with a single charge and the max speed reaches 10km/h. what’s more, its high-performance wheels (6 inch front motor wheel, two 8 inch rear inflated wheels) ensure a comfortable ride. Also, SE3 ridable luggage has strong power with constant working speed, which is energy saving and the bit friction increases the life of the motor.

Airwheel SE3

SE3 ride on suitcase easily stows on all forms of transportation, whether on planes, trains, buses or automobiles and it converts from motor to pull-behind use in seconds, thanks to the telescoping rod featuring ergonomic handle design and comfortable touch which can adapt to different heights. Also, it has long service life even after thousands of load tensile test.   

Airwheel SE3 rideable carry-on luggage

Other key features include an optional cellular-based tracking app so you always know where it is, the USB charger to keep your devices juiced as you go, the ability to learn real-time data via the LED display in the middle of the handlebar and the premier Bluetooth speaker to play music making the journey more pleasant and more. Airwheel’s vision is to provide travelers, commuters, students, business and everyday people with a functional, fun way to get to their destination.  SE3 blue smart suitcase is what they need during travel. Welcome to learn more or leave comments on

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