Airwheel electric bicycle is perfect for casual riders and cyclists

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Abstract: Airwheel takes an aesthetically classic approach with their latest R series—best price electric bike, but the underlying mechanics and powerful electric motor are anything but traditional. As for the meat and potatoes of the e bike, Airwheel will boast a wide range of safety and convenience technologies.

Lightweight and affordable, Airwheel electric aided-bicycles come in a wide variety. There are plenty of practical features as well, including an USB port in the battery and mobile app to set speed etc. Plus, unlike electric cars, these electric assist bicycles come with a lower price tag, and many of them can be readily used in most jurisdictions without having to purchase an insurance policy. From the customers’ feedback, they can zip around the neighborhood visiting his friends, riding it almost every day, which is an encouragement for Airwheel team.

Airwheel R8 electric assist bicycle

Airwheel electric assist urban bike will get you where you need to go quickly and reliably. With its included safe-start throttle, effective braking, LED lights, and mounts for your gadgets; It is a maintenance free, energy efficient way to take your fun even farther. Keep the good times rolling even longer. And by longer, we mean that they are not only equipped with quality lithium batteries, but also feature more than one ride mode. R6 has two ride modes—pedaling mode and moped mode and the other three models have three different ride modes making riders enjoy long enough range– your freedom radius just expand.

Airwheel R5 electric assist urban bike

Except R8, R5, R3 and R6 electric assist bike conversion kit have a folding handle that makes your ride slim enough to fit into tighter spaces, especially the R6’s automatic folding system saving much trouble. R8’s excellent outdoor performance with 26 inch wheels has appealed many loyal fans. R5 and R3 can be connected to riders’ mobile phones to learn the real-time data and this function is realized by R6 and R8’s trip computers on the handles.

Airwheel R5 best price electric bike

Airwheel R series-bicycles with power assist are a great choice for anyone looking to hack their commute without breaking the bank.

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