A new knock-out product from Airwheel—SE3 modo bag

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Abstract: Airwheel decided from the very start that it would build the best quality vehicle with the finest materials and most reliable components they could find on the market. After the release of SE3 smart luggage that follows you around, a new knock-out product was born—SE3 modo bag that can be ridden to airport.


Airwheel chose the “quality only” design philosophy without knowing if the marketplace could afford this simple focus on quality alone. Airwheel was pleased to learn that despite our uncompromising focus on quality, its mars rover remains very competitively priced. In 2018, a new knock-out product was born Airwheel SE3 blue smart luggage. SE3 joins into Kickstarter, one of the largest fund raiser sites with a high reputation. You can search the https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1656072571/airwheel-worlds-unique-rideable-luggage to find the detailed information of SE3 and it will last for 60 days. This time, the SE3 shows up at Kickstarter is actually to reward Airwheel fans and supporters and they can get an Airwheel SE3 in a much lower price.

airwheel se3 motorized luggage

The following unique features will convince you to enjoy thescooter suitcase SE3 whether in the airports or train stations, faster and more labor-saving than walking to make you keep elegant all the time. Different from the traditional luggage, SE3 smart robotics suitcase has equipped with lithium battery, powerful motor and handlebars making it ridable. The battery is not only replaceable, but also is equipped with USB port, to make the security check and charging electronics easier. Other than that, the Bluetooth speaker and mobile app will make the travel more exciting. It is time to go out and see the world, rather than staying indoors to watch TV or play games. Besides, the LED screen mounted on the handlebar is multi-functional, showing the mileage and speed and with the functions of backlight adjustment, fault alarm and electronic brake.

airwheel se3 electric suitcase

Thanks to the invention of Airwheel SE3 modo bag, it enables the public to enjoy a much easier and more efficient travel. And now the SE3 is crow-funded in Kickstarter, any suggestions and advices are welcomed to improve the SE3 motorized luggage, so that when you receive it, it will be the perfect one.

Airwheel SE3 fully functional drag along suitcase

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