Traverse the airport in record time much easily with Airwheel SE3 blue smart suitcase

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Abstract: People love travelling which can bring many advantages to traveler’s life or work. However, people will cover the distance by walking, tiring and boring. Thanks to the advent of the Airwheel SE3 ride on luggage, their travelling is more interesting and easily than ever.


Airwheel mars rover was born with the market demands on the low consumption and novel travel equipment which is the fashionable, portable, and environmentally friendly new means of transport. Innovation can be said to be the most important part no matter what occupations are, as it keeps the vitality of the enterprise. The Airwheel SE3 blue smart luggage is an innovative product for travelers. It chooses the aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame with overall reinforcement to ensure the box withstand greater external pressure.airwheel SE3 electric suitcase1


Traverse the airport in record time using this Airwheel SE3 motorized ridable luggage. It can reach the speed of 10km/h and comes with a range of features like USB port and quick stow pockets for added convenience. SE3 installs stretchable rod in ergonomic design, allowing riders to enjoy comfort feeling. It has been through thousands heavy load stretch tests, with long life endurance. The one button stretch makes the switch between the dragging and ridding easily. The gear adjustable design is applicable to different body heights.Airwheel SE3 ride on luggage for adults1


Airwheel SE3 modo bag’s front storage space allows foe one-click access to remove electronics during airport security checkpoints, without having to repack your bag, while the spacious main compartment is perfect for the compact storage for other necessities. It adopts the TSA customs locks designated by the US Customs and used in many countries, avoiding the violent destruction of customs inspections.Airwheel SE3 rideable carry on luggage1(5).


Also, SE3 bag ammodoazon can be ridden at night with the dynamic light to make you safe and stunning at night. Also, the high-definition LED display not only shows the voltage, single mileage and total mileage, but also has the functions of backlight adjustment, fault alarm and electronic brake. As for the mobile app, it is to add more fun to the riding,


Now, Airwheel SE3 ride to airport is crowd-funding at Kickstarter, welcome to know more about from

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