Airwheel launches Kickstarter campaign—SE3 scooter suitcase, motorized, ridable and portable.

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Abstract: Airwheel combines the convenience of a standard suitcase with the innovation of personal transport to create the world's unique motorized, smart and connected carry-on that gets you to your destination faster than walking. Now, SE3 bluesmart luggage has been launched on Kickstarter. Airwheel SE3 ride on luggage for adults


Airwheel’s slogan is “Free Intelligent Life”. Its years of stable operations and continuity of key technical and manufacturing personnel has afforded Airwheel the ability to manage growth, ensure quality, and protect our reputation as a trusted business partner through refinement of product designs. Airwheel SE3 modo bag featuring ridablity is officially launched on Kickstarter--


With the aluminum frame, ergonomic handle design with comfortable touch, telescoping rod which adapts to different heights of the crowd, Airwheel SE3 is more than a luggage. You can ride it to your destinations much easily and faster. Its motor wheels are equipped with custom-made aluminum alloy wheels and wear-resistant rubber-free pneumatic tires; rear auxiliary wheels are equipped with wear-resistant and pressure-resistant pneumatic tires, aluminum alloy wheels, PP side covers and fenders. SE3 scooter luggage’s lithium batteries are compliant with the air travel regulations for the UN, TSA, FAA and IATA. The included Airwheel charger can be plugged into any standard US outlet. International outlets may require an adapter. The battery is easily removable with USB charging port. Simply purchase additional battery packs to easily have continuation of the journey.Airwheel SE3 electric suitcase2


SE3 ride on suitcase has long service life even after thousands of load tensile test. Adopted by the US Transportation Security Administration two-wheeled mechanical code lock design, universal use in many countries around the world, SE3 bluesmart suitcase can be opened and closed to avoid violent damage to the suitcase when there is customs inspection. Not only is the LED display on ride handle shows speed, distance, gear and so on, which makes your ride more interesting, but also the mobile app positions SE3 and allows travelers to set it.Airwheel SE3 motorized luggage2 (2)


Airwheel SE3 ride to airport is meant to be a suitcase as well as a mode of transport, please feel free contact us and welcome to leave your comments on the Kickstarter campaign.

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