Airwheel A6T wheelchair with handlebar providing safety, stability and boosting confidence.

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Abstract: All Airwheel teams—Sales, Engineering, Production, Customer Service and Support—work in synergy to ensure that our customer experience matches our product quality precisely, flawlessly and repeatedly. Designed for the active user, the Airwheel A6T self-balancing wheelchairs can take you wherever you go and come with amazing features.


Today, customers worldwide rely not only on the innovation Airwheel consistently brings to an ever-evolving sector, but also, on the close attention paid to meeting their specific needs that our people apply throughout each and every project. The new mobility Airwheel A6T medical equipment is committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of its customers: by offering integrated, automated and innovative product; by providing an efficient after-sales service; by constantly ensuring the quality and reliability of its solutions. A6T provides safety, stability and boosts confidence.Airwheel A6T wheelchair with handlebar(2).


Airwheel A6T is comprehensively equipped with additional features such as elastic kickstand, balance adjustment, handlebar adjustments to enable an individual to lead as active a lifestyle as possible. With the upgrade elastic kickstand in the front and rear, A6T intelligent self-balancing wheelchair can park stably and safely. The 4 inch integrated high resolution screen shows real-time speed, mileage, temperature and battery level. What is more, its seat made of breathable material, wear-proof and durable allows riders to enjoy a comfortable riding experience even after a long time journey.  Airwheel A6T smart self balancing wheelchair(2).


Airwheel A6T robotic wheelchair is a brand new unique design of travel mobility scooter. Its flexible frame and its electrically adjustable centre of gravity provide for an incredibly comfortable ride. You simply lean forward to accelerate, lean back to slow down or stop. The old and those who have difficulty in walking can also enjoy the riding fun and flexibility as the young ride the self-balancing unicycles. Also, to keep riders’ safety, A6T installs a e replaceable handlebar to make turn directions easily.Airwheel A6T medical equipment(2).


Besides, A6T smart self-balancing wheelchair is equipped with branded wheels with special tread featuring excellent grip and nonslip performance allowing A6S to conquer various road conditions. Riders can go anywhere they want without asking help. In a word, Airwheel A6T provides with safety, stability and boosting confidence.


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