Airwheel SR6 power assisted robotics suitcase is the perfect traveling companion.

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Abstract: The invention of Airwheel electric scooter represents a new culture and trend. Whether you are a diligent student, a busy employee, a frequent traveler or a liberal backpacker, Airwheel will be a well-pleasing choice. The new SR6 power assisted luggage is the perfect traveling companion.Airwheel SR6 Electronic traveling suitcase(1).


There has been a marked increase in smart products over the past few years. Airwheel has invented intelligent electric scooters aiming to contribute to the balance between ecology and life. With the join of smart suitcases, Airwheel will benefits more people. The fact that Airwheel describes itself as a “technology company that develops Internet-connected travel products” gives a fairly clear idea of the journey it is embarking on. SR6 electronic traveling suitcase is the perfect traveling companion. It’s a suitcase to hold your belongings. Lighter and sturdier, Airwheel SR6 is made of ABS & PC outer shell and chooses aluminum frame to provide high crush resistance.Airwheel SR6 power assisted luggage(1).



Traveling is usually done for leisure, but the process of actually getting to your destination can be an immense hassle — especially if you're flying. Allow the Airwheel SR6 power assisted robotics suitcase to be your traveling companion and the colorful smart suitcases make it pleasant and unforgettable for every trip. The highlight of SR6 is the smart power-assist system. The smart motors will respond to the user's operation on the throttle and provide power assistance while moving. SR6 power assisted suitcase installed bi-directional system, going forward and backward with less effort. Thanks to the smart electronic brake, it will brake automatically when releasing the throttle on the handle.Airwheel SR6 smart suitcase(1).


Moreover, Airwheel SR6 electric traveling suitcase has installed removable 48.8Wh lithium-ion battery which is complying with airline boarding requirements for added convenience to pass security check and to charge the daily electronics, especially the mobile phones, without having to lining up in front of the charging stations in the airports. It’s an electrical port to charge your devices. Also, it’s not just a novelty but a truly functional TSA- and FAA-approved carry-on piece. To sum up, if you're planning on more trips before the end of summer, make your travel easier with the Airwheel SR6 smart robotics suitcase.

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