Airwheel A6T self-balancing wheelchair inaugurates a new transportation philosophy for mobility.

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Abstract: Airwheel has learned what customers’ real needs are in order to function efficiently and reliably every day. A6T inaugurates a new transportation philosophy for personal mobility. Thanks to its self-balancing technology, A6T smart power chair unites the users under the banner of the free movement, erasing the differences.


Airwheel has a history of more than 10 years in the field of electronics, so we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. With strength, credit and quality guarantee, we have an important position in the consumer market. We will continue to provide more and best products in terms of operational fluency and quality. Airwheel’s wealth of applications expertise learned over many years is so clearly visible in its design, say the A6T wheelchair with handlebar.Airwheel A6T wheelchair with handlebar(3).


Airwheel engineers are always working to modernize and simplify our designs giving our customers the most efficient, technologically advanced travel equipment. A6T medical equipment is designed for users with good core strength - to operate you simply lean forward to go and lean back to brake or reverse. The user is always in full control. There is a removable handlebar in the middle for riders to turn directions. Anyone can master it in no time and gives them confidence to go out and travel around.Airwheel A6T smart self balancing wheelchair(3).


A6T has an integrated LED dashboard - you can track key information & monitor battery levels. It even has an App which gives you ultimate control from your smart phone. The handle bars provide an excellent grip, and help stability and the seated position gives you unparalleled comfort on longer journeys. The specially designed quality tires make A6T self-balance wheelchair comfortable to ride and are capable of handling a wide range of different terrains.Airwheel A6T medical equipment(3).


A6T self-balance wheelchair is equipped with a kickstand stand system (front and rear) which can be triggered with a simple touch of a button and firmly secures your Nino to the ground - making it very stable for transfers. To sum up, futuristic, funky and fun, the Airwheel A6T intelligent self-balancing wheelchair makes an instant impact anywhere it takes you.


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