Airwheel Presenting All lines of Products at IFA 2018

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The well-know IFA 2018 took place in 31st August in Berlin, it is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics shows. This show will last for six days and ended on 5th September, during which many brands are presenting their cool new products and creative technologies.

This time at IFA 2018, Airwheel not only carries intelligent personal mobility that meets different requirements, but also launches two new smart luggage models, completely demonstrates the convergence of smart technology and daily life. And shows the vision of a smart life in the future.

At the exhibition, Airwheel self-balancing scooters are still the focus of people's attention. As a smart mobility that can be controlled by the center of body gravity, Airwheel two wheeled self-balancing scooters reduced the difficulty in learning and narrowed the distance between the users and the balancing scooters.

The folding electric scooter E series , the smart bicycle R series, and the intelligent power-assisted scooter specially designed for people with limited mobility have also attracted the attention of journalists and audiences.

Airwheel also offers the trail of two brand new smart suitcases to the visitors, many people stop by and try them.

Airwheel smart luggage SR5 mainly features “autonomous following”, it can not only follow the user, but is also equipped with ultrasonic probes, to achieve the "smart obstacle avoidance" function. Even at the crowded exhibition, it can follow its user accurately. Moreover, once the distance between SR5 and the follower exceeds the safe distance of 3 meters, it will alerts from both the phone App and the bracelet at the same time, to mind the user to check the safety of the suitcase and the internal property.

Another Airwheel model SE3 mainly features “ride-able”, it helps users get rid of the exhaustion of carrying a suitcase. Just one press on the button, it will inter into the riding mode. The maximum speed is 10km/h, and the maximum payload is 90kg. The convenient modes exchanging reduces the burden on the user.

It can be seen from this IFA 2018 that Airwheel is working hard to change its major from simple mobility equipment to more diversified intelligent mobility solutions. Using smart technology to change the traditional necessities of life, liberating users from troubles, and letting users to feel the idea of "Intelligence makes life more free" is the philosophy that Airwheel constantly adheres to and pursues.

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