Airwheel SE3 riding suitcase: scoot to your terminal, save time and stress

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Abstract:Providing cutting-edge patent-protected technology at a remarkable value,Airwheel offers innovative solutions that meet global demand. SE3 motorized rideable luggage is designed for use by adults in airports-- scoot to your terminal, save time and stress.

Creating unique solutions keeps Airwheel at the leading edge of travel technology and ahead of their competition. Airwheel SE3 scooter suitcase is proud of its ride ability, with three large wheels—one 6 inch front motor wheel and two 8 inch rear inflated wheels, quality lithium battery and strong motor. The constant working speed, energy saving,bit friction increases the life of the motor. The battery has multiple protections, such as battery equalization, short-circuit protection, temperature protection and so on. In addition, the battery is replaceable for easy disassemble and the added USB port to make phone charge more conveniently.

Airwheel SE3 Riding Luggage

For added convenience,the Airwheel SE3 3 wheel electric scooter comes equipped with a user- friendly telescoping handle that locks into place. Extend the handle when rolling the luggage, and then collapse it down in one smooth move for compact storage when not in use. The securely mounted (and thoroughly tested) handle offers rugged strength for stable lifting, where the handle is. Moreover, the handle features one-button auto-stretch. It takes one second to transform SE3 modobag into scooter, which opens multiple lives for you.

Airwheel SE3 Electric Luggage

In addition,Airwheel SE3 carry-on smart luggage’s inner layout is reasonably designed—fabric lining with interior storage pockets. The luggage features a fabric lining that helps protect stored items from scratches and snags, while its three interior storage pockets, each with a secure-closing zipper, help keep things safely stored and neatly organized, making it easier to find what you need when you arrive.

Airwheel SE3 3 wheel electric scooter

Not only the mobile app,but also LED display in the handlebar shows the riding speed, distance, gears and other data, to make riding more interesting. Other than that, it has the functions of real-time positioning, personalized setting and alarm system and more. While riding SE3, you can also enjoy beautiful music, via the Bluetooth speaker. To save time and stress is what travelers want and the Airwheel SE3 robotics suitcase just realizes both.

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