Cruise through the airport with the Airwheel SE3 mobility scooter

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Abstract:"Free intelligent life" is Airhweel's philosophy who are oriented by customers' needs and devoted to solving their travel problems with our continuously innovative capacities. Save yourself the agony of having to drag a suitcase down the airport by travelling using the rideable suitcase instead. Airwheel SE3 riding luggage will save significant time in airport terminals.

Airwheel SE3 Riding Luggage

Since its establishment, Airhweel has set up customer- centric R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales system. As one of the world leading intelligent personal transport manufacturers, Airhweel is committed to meeting the individual specific needs with many options to choose from, and to practicing its cooperate culture:“Free intelligent life” . The born of Airwheel SE3 robotics suitcase further enriches its product lines.

Airwheel SE3 electric luggage

Made of a material that can’t be easily cut, the SE3 has an integrated ride ability, USB charging port, mobile app, and a transit card pocket in the front strap to make the daily grind easier and safer. Airwheel SE3 motorized rideable luggage installs a retractable handlebar and three large wheels to make it rideable. The strong motor and quality battery provide enough power for traveler to scoot around the huge airport, the train station and anywhere they want. The wheels are specially designed, capable of conquering many different road conditions.What is more,the handle is adjustable and securely mounted to make everyone comfortable during ride.

Airwheel SE3 scooter suitcase

Power-off of your mobile or other electronics will be of past with the travel mate of Airwheel SE3suitcase electric scooter, as it installs a large enough lithium battery allowing you to charge your smart phones several times. Moreover, the battery is removable. You can take it off when you go to safety check or just want to make the charge more convenient. Also, SE3 scooter suitcase can connect to riders’mobiles to learn the riding speed, distance, gears and other data, to make riding more interesting. And the built-in LEDs make riders more visible on the road.

Airwheel SE3 mobility scooter

From now on, look forward to your next travel, instead of being tired of it. Now, you can cruise through the airport with the Airwheel SE3 carry-on smart luggge.

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