With Bluetooth remote control, Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair will bring more fun.

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Abstract: Airwheel H3S electric wheelchair features automatic folding design, remote control via the mobile app and dual ride modes etc. In addition to the mobile app remote control, H3S has Bluetooth remote control accessory, which is optional.

Since its foundation, Airwheel adheres to the principle of "free intelligent life" for everyone and keeps innovating and upgrading its products. H3S power chair is known for the automatic folding system and the remote control and so on.

Airwheel H3S/T remote wheelchair

Firstly, we will look at the details of H3S. With thickened tube, reinforcing design-hardly deformed & high load capacity, H3S electric mobility scooter provides you safe life. The smart controller with 360° universal control makes it easy to operate, and riders can go wherever you want just moving their fingers. Speed can be adjusted according to different needs. Also, the motor is CE certificated, efficient, flexible, with low failure rate, strong climbing ability & long service life. The wheels are high quality solid universal front wheel and inflatable back wheels, well shock-absorbing and provide you comfortable experiences. H3S has overturn protection to ensure your safety when climbing the slope. When going downhill, it will decelerate immediately until stops if rider releases the controller, which guarantees rider’s safety.

Airwheel H3S/T electric wheelchair

What is more, Airwheel H3S electric automatic folding wheelchair is still foldable and intact, meaning you can detach the kit and return the chair when you’re done. It can be folded into small size automatically. This compact, light-weight chair boasts folding dimensions of 890mm X 620mm X 400mm, making it easy to store in the car trunk. Even though it has small size, it still has plenty of leg room and the adjustable pedals which are to provide riders a comfortable and relaxed riding experience for different users.

Airwheel H3S/T power wheelchair

Last but not least, Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair can be controller remotely, either via the mobile app or the Bluetooth remote control. In addition to the electric mode and manual mode, its auto-follow mode offers a great deal of flexibility. The Bluetooth remote control is an optional accessory with many functions. Welcome to learn more from https://www.airwheel.net/home/product/h3s.

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