To list the outstanding features of Airwheel H3PS smart wheelchair

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Abstract: Airwheel is a professional manufacturing smart travel equipment integrating development, scientific research, manufacturing, technical service and marketing. Its products has been well acclaimed by its fans and today we will pay attention to the new product H3PS smart wheelchair.

Airwheel H3P Mobility Wheelchair

For people who need to travel in a electric wheelchair, it is not easy, as they often faces challenges one after another due to the steering situation, like slope and cobbled road so on. In order to better help people who have difficulty in moving and make them more convenient and easy to travel, Airwheel has launched the smart wheelchair H3PS and let’s what changes it bring to the traditional wheelchairs.

Airwheel H3P portable wheelchair

1. Green power drive

Airwheel H3PS motorized wheelchair adopts double motor design, giving 12.5 inch rear wheel enough power, with climbing angle up to 8°and standing angle of 8°. Combined with the flexible front wheel, H3PS electric automatic folding wheelchair is able to cope all kinds of road conditions. The born of H3PS helps people who travel in wheelchairs save more effort and see more scenery.

Airwheel H3P remote wheelchair

2. Easy operation

As a smart wheelchair, the operation of the Airwheel H3PS electric mobility scooter has nothing to do with complication. Its lever is equipped with an easy-to-learn intelligent control handle, and all functions can be controlled with one button. In addition, the smart handle also supports left and right interchange to make every user ride it comfortably and smoothly. The left and right armrests are also designed to be releasable and retractable, making it easy for the user to dine or get on and off the wheelchair.

Airwheel H3P automatic wheelchair

In order to help users with inconvenient legs and feet to sit on wheelchairs and accommodate wheelchairs independently, the Airwheel H3PS power wheelchair is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, which can be used to control the wheelchair to move forward and backward, to turn left and right, to fold and unfold, and to turn on or off the headlights quickly. The barrier-free remote control distance is up to 8 meters, and the wheelchair can be controlled to be close to, parked and folded by the Bluetooth remote control during daily use.

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