Allow the Airwheel SL3C carry-on smart luggage to change your travel experience(Chapter 2)

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Abstract: Airwheel is redefining the carry-on suitcase industry with its unique design and motorised technology, combining remote control, lightweight build, USB charging ports with the practicality of a standard carry-on. Its new arrival SL3C carry-on smart luggage will also change your travel experience.

The new product SL3C smart suitcase recently launched by Airwheel, a popular brand of smart luggage, adds convenience and excitement to the journey. Today, we travel with more technology than ever before. As tech has become a necessity of our lives, so have charging points. Taking into account the difficulty of charging on the go, the Airwheel SL3C light smart suitcase is also extremely thoughtful and designed with a USB charging port, which can charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices, more labor-saving and more convenient than carrying a power bank.

Airwheel SL3 Smart luggage

In addition to its cool appearance and easy-to-use smart functions, Airwheel SL3C carry-on smart luggage is also a qualified boarding case. Its box body volume conforms to the international standard of 20-inch boarding suitcases, which can be carried directly on the plane without checking in; and the lithium battery in the suitcase also adopts a detachable design with a capacity of 8000 mAh, which can pass the security check smoothly.

Airwheel SL3 digital luggage

In order to facilitate the storage and retrieval of luggage, Airwheel SL3C smart luggage is not only planned with a large-capacity storage space of 30L, but also designed with functional partitions of different capacities, which can organize different luggage such as clothes, documents, notebooks, etc. Items are easy to pick and place, featuring easy access to laptops, tablets or any other electronics, making it easier for travellers to breeze through security. The towing rod is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and adopts a double-rod design, and there are multiple gears for adjustment, which makes the towing feel stable and comfortable.

Airwheel SL3 NFC luggage

Wheels that spin 360 degrees

SL3C NFC Suitcase wheels and spinner wheels, both of which rotate 360 degrees so you can enjoy excellent manoeuvrability on any terrain.

Airwheel SL3 fashion luggage

Excellent detail processing further enhances the experience of Airwheel SL3C boarding smart luggage. Be the master of your travel. So allow SL3C to accompany with you for next travel.

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