5 reasons for you to choose an Airwheel electric wheelchair

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Abstract: What’s the main reasons for you to choose power chair? Here are 5 main reasons listed.

Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair

1. Safety guaranteed

In order to comprehensively improve the safety, Airwheel power wheelchair adopts EABS electromagnetic brake, just your hand leaves the intelligent control handle, the body will instantly sense high-efficiency braking, even if it is on a slope. when riding in reverse, the horn will also automatically emit a buzzer warning; the front of the intelligent control handle is equipped with LED lights can clearly illuminate the road conditions and help avoid obstacles in dark environments; the rear side of the body is also designed with anti-roll wheels, which can effectively prevent the wheelchair from tipping over when going up and down slopes and backwards.


Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

2. Easy operation

Airwheel electric wheelchair is designed with an intelligent control handle of "what do you need?" It can also be easily used when using it for the first time, which is more ergonomic, and the interaction is simple and convenient. At the same time, the intelligent control handle also adopts a detachable design extremely intimately, and supports left and right interchange, which can satisfy users with different hand habits.


Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

3. Folding ability

Airwheel intelligent wheelchair is foldable, and also adopts electric structure as folding joint, so when it needs to be folded or unfolded, only one button is needed to wait for the body to complete folding or unfolding by itself, without manual operation.


Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair

4. Remote control

Airwheel has developed an intelligent remote control function, which can be used to select one of three options: installation-free applet, smart APP, and Bluetooth remote control handle. Within a barrier-free distance of 8 meters, the wheelchair can be remotely controlled to move, fold/unfold, light up headlights, etc. The machine operation can be realized by remote control, allowing users to use the wheelchair more autonomously without the help of others, improving the freedom of daily travel.

5. Energy-saving travel

Airwheel smart wheelchair is equipped with intelligent dual motors with strong power, and it can easily travel at a riding speed of 6km/h and  easy to climb uphill and overcome obstacles. With the 12.5-inch inflatable rear wheel, the climbing angle is greater than 6°, and the stagnant angle can reach 9°. The front wheels are 8-inch universal wheels, which can move flexibly even in a narrow space.

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