What a scooter suitcase can do for you?

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Abstract: As a smart riding suitcase product, in addition to being towed like an ordinary suitcase, it can also be transformed into a travel equipment for carrying us.

If you want to make traveling a little easier and a lot more fun, you may want to invest in a luggage scooter. The great thing about Airwheel scooter suitcase is that it isn't just for adults. Both children and adults can glide around the airport or train station without worrying about carrying a bag.

Airwheel electric luggage

Airwheel smart suitcase can carry people forward at a speed of 13km/h, mainly thanks to the powerful motor wheels, reasonable drive structure and intelligent control handles. When in use, you only need to press the telescopic switch to let the box body automatically stretch out of the smart riding rod, and then adjust the height of the rod body, and then you can ride and use it, simple and convenient. The intelligent control handle only has the left and right side handlebars, the right side controls the acceleration, the left side controls the brake, and the control can be used for reversing.

Airwheel smart luggage

Of course, the structural strength of the box is naturally more reliable than ordinary luggage. Airwheel smart rideable luggage uses ABS+PC composite material with more strength and toughness to make the case, and uses the patented aluminum frame to improve the structural strength of the entire luggage, achieving a load of 110kg, so that users can rest assured Ride use, and can store all kinds of luggage in the box without worrying about being squeezed.


Airwheel Scooter suitcase

Out of the pursuit of the convenience of travel, Airwheel scooter suitcase is specially designed with a USB charging port on the outside of the box. Connecting the data cable can charge all kinds of portable electronic devices. It is a very practical function for modern people who carry various types of equipment such as watches and Bluetooth headsets.

Other than that, Airwheel smart luggage has a specially developed intelligent APP, which can realize more intelligent operations and further improve the user experience. Moreover, it is not only suitable for Android and IOS, but also has an exclusive version specially developed for Huawei Hongmeng users.

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