All you would like to know about Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair are here.

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Abstract: Since its release, Airwheel H3T has been well received, due to the compact design, remote control and other thoughtful designs. Airwheel team has summarized the following FAQs for your reference.

Q: Will the Airwheel H3T power wheelchair break down into sections so that we can transport it in the trunk of the car?

Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair

A: Yes, H3T smart wheelchair can be broke down for transport. But it features automatic fold/unfold as a whole. Just press the button to fold it for storage or unfold it to ride.

Q: Do batteries and charger come with the wheelchair?

A: Yes, batteries and charger are always included in our pricing. Also, spare battery and charger are optional for double the range.

Q: How far will the H3T power wheelchair go when it is completely charged?

A: On a full charge, Airwheel H3T will range between 15 and 20 miles on level surfaces.

Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair

Q: How often should I charge the batteries?

A: The batteries should be charged at least once a week for 8 hours, even if you don't use the unit. If you use it daily, charge the batteries every night. Please check the User Manual for more details.

Q: Do I plug the charger into a regular power outlet?

A: Yes, just plug the charger into a regular socket. The charger can be converted to your desired volt, if needed.

Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

Q: Will it harm the batteries if they are over-charged?

A: No, the chargers on these units are designed to shut down to 1 amp when the batteries are fully charged, so that the batteries cannot be damaged.

Q: Can the speed be adjusted on the power chair?

A: Yes, H3T electric wheelchair has a variable speed control that can be set between 0 and 16km/h. This controller can also be programmed to lower top speeds for safety concerns.

Q: Do I have to assemble the power chair when it arrives?

A: No, we ship our units completely assembled all in one large box that is delivered to your door.

Q: Can I take it on the airlines when I travel?

A: Yes, but it needs to replace the original battery to a boarding battery that are approved for airlines, boats and trains. The boarding battery is optional.

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