Airwheel SE3mini: Hand luggage, kickboard and trolley in one

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Abstract: Hand luggage, kickboard and trolley in one, that`s convenience of the highest level. When used as a trolley, the built-in telescopic handlebar can be easily extended, this guaranteeing optimal legroom. Destination : fun & relaxation, there and back.

For sure, a race is the last thing anyone wants when travelling. But big cities also usually mean masses of people at the airport. This stands for long waiting times at check-in or security control. This is actually a pity, because for most of us our most valuable asset is our time. So why not just leave all the other travellers behind and be first to check-in? Travel with Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase.

Airwheel smart luggage

Airwheel SE3miniT smart suitcase comes with a scooter and suitcase rolling wheels, powered by lithium battery, with the speed of 6km/h. The outer shell is constructed of high-quality PC and PVC with an aluminum scooter. This durable luggage comes with several compartments for organization, a TSA lock, and protective bumper corners.

In addition to the riding function, the outer side of the Airwheel SE3miniT smart rideable luggage is also designed with a USB charging port, which can be connected to the charging cable anytime and anywhere to charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets, so that the journey is no longer due to the power consumption.

Airwheel electric suitcase

Although it is a smart riding case equipped with a lithium battery, this does not affect the normal boarding of Airwheel SE3miniT and the security check. It adopts a modular battery design and is located at the rear of the box. It can be directly plugged in and removed without any tools. It can be quickly disassembled before security inspection to meet relevant regulations and pass smoothly. The box lock also adopts the TSA customs code lock, which can avoid violent opening and inspection. As an aviation boarding box, it is completely stress-free.

Airwheel electric luggage

Also, the addition of the smart APP enables Airwheel SE3miniT electric luggage to better serve users during the journey, and facilitate the convenient experience of the journey with the advancement of technology.

Airwheel Smart suitcase

Different from ordinary luggage, Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase can indeed bring various conveniences to the journey. Airwheel SE3miniT is an essential element for a relaxed journey, whether it is riding, charging, or storage and other details, allowing users to enjoy more comfort and freedom.

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