Tips on Choosing a Power Wheelchair

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Abstract: Finding the power wheelchair for your needs does not have to be a challenging task. Below are tips for you to select the best power wheelchair for your need. Buying a power chair can be a significant investment, so it’s important that you make the right choice for your individual needs. 

Tip 1:Weight Capacity 

The weight capacity is the total weight that the unit can handle according to the manufacturer. Selecting a power wheelchair which does not support the user’s weight can void the warranty, and can cause costly repairs. Airwheel H3T power wheelchair goes up to 130kg.

Airwheel H3T folding wheelchair

Tip 2:Travel Range 

In addition to the weight capacity, anther important factor we should consider is the range-the total distance a power chair can travel on a full battery charge. Maximizing battery life is one of the most important factors to consider when managing the use of a chair. Airwheel electric wheelchair is equipped with quality battery to ensure the stable range and also spare batteries are optional.

Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

Tip 3: Front, Rear or Mid-wheel Drive electric wheelchair 

The position of the drive wheels significantly affects the space needed for the chair to turn around, and the way the chair maneuvers in tight spaces. There are two measurements that usually are referred to in wheelchair specifications. The 360-degree turning circumference is the entire area needed by the wheelchair to turn in a complete circle. The turning radius is the distance from the center of the chair between the drive wheels (pivot point) to the furthest point on the chair.

Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair

Tip 4: Size

Size matters when choosing a wheelchair. It's very important to find a chair that is the correct size or you could have issues fitting in the chair if it's too small or slipping out of it if it's too big. Make sure to measure the width and height of the chair. Your age, weight and height should all be considered. Airwheel folding smart wheelchair features automatic folding ability, remote control and easy operation with joystick.

Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

The above are the tips for selecting a smart wheelchair. Welcome to contact Airwheel for more details.

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