Why choose Airwheel smart wheelchair for daily mobility (Chapter1)?

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Abstract: Mobility is a key determiner of an individual’s wellbeing. An electric wheelchair enables people with mobility challenges to regain their independence and get around with ease. But why choose Airwheel smart wheelchair for daily mobility?

Airwheel Smart wheelchair

Today, the editor lists 6 reasons for you to choose Airwheel folding electric wheelchair. Airwheel is based in China and has brick and mortar stores in Belgium. Not in the Belgium? No problem. Its worldwide distributors allows us to provide in-home service for all of our customers with the service contracts through the manufacturer of your chair of choice.

Airwheel electric wheelchair

1. Safety guaranteed

No matter for which personal transport, safety is the most important. Equipped with EABS battery brakes, Ariwheel electric wheelchair can be stopped immediately and parked well even on slopes. The rear wheel is designed with multifunctional anti-roll wheels, which can effectively prevent the body from tipping when going up and down or reversing. Plus, it can be used as a support angle when folded. It will release alarm when going back. There is headlight for riding in dark environment.

Airwheel remote wheelchair

2. Remote control enabled

There are three remote control modes available, Bluetooth, mobile app and applet of WeChat. When the remote control function enabled, the Airwheel smart wheelchair can move forward and backward, turn left and right, fold and unfold, and turn on and off the headlights quickly. The barrier-free remote control distance is up to 8 meters, and the wheelchair can be controlled to be close to, parked and folded by the Bluetooth remote control during daily use.

Airwheel auto folding wheelchair

3. Automatic fold-ability

The mainframe of Airwheel power wheelchair adopts an electric folding design. We can fold or unfold it just pressing one button. It would take about 20s to finish the folding. When folding the wheelchair, press the switch on the smart controller first, then the indicator light is off, press and hold the “Decelerate/Fold” button, and the wheelchair will start to fold. It is the same as Bluetooth remote control and app control. Airwheel is also light in weight and it can fold into one piece that measures only 890x620x400mm, which is quite compact compared to others.

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