Why choose Airwheel power wheelchair for daily mobility (Chapter2)?

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Abstract: Selecting the right power chair can be a daunting task because there are so many styles and designs available. In the last Chapter, the editor has mentioned there are 6 reasons for you to choose Airwheel electric automatic folding wheelchair and in Chapter 2, the next three reasons will be discussed.

4. Easy operation with smart controller joystick

Airwheel electric wheelchair

How to operate the Airwheel motorized wheelchair? Just sit down and turn the controller joystick. The joy-sticker can be placed either in left or right to ensure the most comfortable operating experience. The smart controller on the armrest can display various function buttons at a glance. Independent buttons are used for acceleration, deceleration, lighting, horn, etc.; the 360° smart joystick makes the hand feel extremely comfortable. Also, the Airwheel robot controller is detachable and can be installed on the other armrest.

5. Great traffic-ability

Airwheel smart folding wheelchair

The rear wheels of the Airwheel power wheelchair use a 12.5-inch pneumatic tire with a double-layer structure of the inner tube and outer tire and 8 inch front wheels, with excellent shock absorption. When riding on grass and gravel roads, there are no too many bumps. For slope roads, due to the use of two sets of drive motors and one pushrod motor, there is no pressure when climbing.

Airwheel power wheelchair

6. Environment-friendly ride

The Airwheel motorized wheelchair adopts its double motor design, giving its 12.5 inch rear wheels enough power, with a climbing angle up to 8° and a standing angle of 8°. Combined with the flexible front wheels, the smart wheelchair is able to cope with all kinds of road conditions, helping people to save their effort and see more scenery. With high quality lithium battery, H3PC lets you enjoy a green travel.

Airwheel electric automatic folding wheelchair offers a tighter turning radius and is geared towards people that have limited mobility in their hands. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go. Auto folding can be done in a matter of seconds. The Airwheel smart wheelchair will increase your independence and allows you to move around with ease.

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