Airwheel SE3mini Ride-On Suitcases: Traveling Just Got Easier

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Abstract: Airwheel SE3mini scooter suitcase carry-on suitcases are maximizing safety and revolutionizing convenience with their unique design: ridable, chargeable, boarding and smart.

Lugging your suitcase can be a travel nightmare. Factor in carrying their bags too and your terminal seems miles away. Now, traveling just got easier with Airwheel SE3mini.

Airwheel SE3Mini Scooter suitcase

Airwheel SE3miniT rideable luggage is specially equipped with a strong motor wheel, which realizes the "riding" function. People can ride it to solve the exhausted walking in large-scale occasions such as airports and stations. Its riding speed can reach 8km/h, which is faster and more efficient than the ordinary walking speed of people under normal circumstances, and the whole process is driven by electric energy, which fully saves physical energy.

Airwheel SE3Mini smart suitcase

Its riding operation is very simple, so it is safe for the elderly and children to use it. The intelligent riding handle adopts the patented design of zero-line embedded type. When riding, only need to control the left and right handlebars, the right handlebar controls the acceleration, the left handlebar controls the brake, and pressing both realizes reversing. In addition to the riding mode, the Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase also retains the towing mode. It adopts a stable double-rod design and can be adjusted in multiple gears, which can meet the towing and carrying of different users and different needs.

Airwheel SE3Mini electric suitcase

Its body volume complies with the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding suitcases. It does not need to be checked during registration, and can be directly carried on board. In order to meet the transportation requirements of airlines for batteries, it adopts a modular lithium battery design, which can be directly disassembled and installed without the use of tools. In addition, the lock also carefully selects the TSA customs lock, which can avoid being violently opened for inspection during customs clearance.

Airwheel SE3Mini Scooter luggage

Being able to ride and travel means that the strength of the Airwheel SE3miniT electric luggage needs to be highly valued. The box shell of the Airwheel SE3mini is made of scratch-resistant and wear-resistant ABS+PC material, which is not only easy to clean, splash-proof, but also not easily deformed. The  frame adopts an exclusive patented design, which is made of 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy and is made of one-piece molding technology.

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