What are the reasons for you to choose Airwheel H3PC automatic folding wheelchair?

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Abstract: Whether it is daily travel to connect to other means of transportation, or home storage, Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair can bring great convenience to use.

Founded in 2013, Airwheel is the leading distributor of electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and transfer aids. We are now expanding our business internationally. All the products listed on this website can be shipped globally.

Airwheel elecitrc wheelchair

Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair is equipped with flexible 8-inch universal front wheels, which can be driven by electricity at a speed of 6km/h and powerful 12.5-inch shock-absorbing pneumatic rear wheels, which have good grip. It not only has strong adaptability to uneven road conditions such as gravel roads, speed bumps, and grass, but also ensures strong climbing ability and slope stability. Its intelligent control handle conforms to ergonomics with all functions listed clear. The direction is controlled by a 360° rotating joystick with a detachable and left-right interchangeable design, which can meet users with different hand habits and ensure the comfort of control.

Airwheel power wheelchair

Airwheel H3PC auto folding wheelchair can be controlled by three ways of remote control, namely Bluetooth remote control handle, exclusive APP, and WeChat applet without installation. We can control the distance of 8 meters without obstacles, like to move forward, backward, and turn, turn on headlight, horn and folding etc. With the remote control function, users with inconvenient legs and feet can easily fold/unfold the wheelchair without getting up, to meet the needs of storage or use. The body adopts an electric folding joint design, which can be automatically folded/unfolded with only one button.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

The EABS electromagnetic brake can stop when you let go, and you can easily stop on the slope. It can effectively prevent the wheelchair from falling down when going up and down and backwards, and can also be used as a support when folded; when riding in reverse, without manual operation, the wheelchair will automatically emit a buzzer to remind passers-by to pay attention and avoid collisions.

Airwheel smart wheelchair

This compact power chair has plenty of storage and folds in just a few steps to make airport check-in effortless. When your plane touches down at your destination, you are ready to experience the adventures that await you.

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