How to enjoy a hand-free travel?

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Abstract: What’s the purpose of the journey? It would be to relax and broaden our vision. However, most of us feel tired during the journey and are bound by the heavy suitcases. Airwheel SR5 smart following suitcase will definitely help reduce the burden of the journey.

Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase

Have you ever taken many bags when traveling? Have you been feel a burden to carry the suitcase? In order to solve this problem, most people use lighter luggage. But is it enough? Check out the Airwheel SR5. You can walk more easily with the suitcase following you. The following five unique features will let you know the power of SR5 carry-on suitcase.

Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase

1. Follow wherever you go

The reason why it can bring a lightweight experience to the journey is that when SR5 intelligently luggage does not need to be dragged by a lever like a traditional luggage. Its box is equipped with a UWB high-precision positioning module. Just wear the smart bracelet and turn on the follow mode, and the box can move flexibly under the drive of the motor wheel at the bottom of the box and follow the user stably. When the following speed is between 2km/h and 6km/h, the Airwheel SR5 intelligent follower luggage will monitor the distance with the user in real time, and flexibly adjust the appropriate following speed to maintain the appropriate distance. Truly, it will let your hands free and have better moods to start the travel.

Airwheel SR5 suitcase

2. Avoidance of collision

Taking into account the complexity of the travel environment, the Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase is specially equipped with ultrasonic, infrared and other intelligent sensing modules. During the follow-up process, it will actively monitor the surrounding road conditions, determine the coordinate information of obstacles, etc., so as to correct the follow-up path in time and choose the right one. avoidance and detour plan to avoid collision.

Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase

Also for safety reasons, the Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage is also set with a safety distance of 3 meters. When the distance between the box and the user exceeds 3 meters, the smart bracelet will immediately vibrate to warn, attracting attention. It is convenient for users to respond quickly.

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