What are the advantages of smart wheelchair?

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Abstract: For many people with limited mobility, it is almost difficult to go wherever they want without the help of others, which greatly limits their freedom. Airwheel smart wheelchair H3PC is specially aimed at this group of people.

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

Compared with traditional wheelchairs, Airwheel H3PC folding motorized wheelchair is driven by electric energy without manual operation, so it is more labor-saving to ride and use. Its driving speed can reach 6km/h, which is similar to the walking speed of ordinary people, and there are 5 gears that can be adjusted.

Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair

Of course, it is not enough just to have the right speed, but also to have excellent passability. Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair front wheel is a universal wheel, and the rear tire adopts pneumatic tire, which has strong grip and good shock absorption performance, and can easily cope with uphill roads, gravel roads, potholes, mud roads, grass, etc. In addition, the front and rear of the body are also equipped with four thick spring shock absorbers, which can ensure the comfort of riding. Multifunctional anti-roll whees effectively prevent the wheelchair from tipping when going up and down and backward, and can also be used as a support foot when folded.

Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair

Although it is a new equipment, the difficulty of getting started with Airwheel H3PC is basically  0. Its intelligent control handle clearly indicates the function keys such as power, speed gear, acceleration, power switch, etc., so that it can be clicked wherever it is needed, and the driving direction is controlled by a 360° rotating joystick. When riding in reverse, the wheelchair will automatically emit a buzzer to remind passers-by to avoid collisions. With EABS electromagnetic brake, you can stop when you let go, and instantly sense high-efficiency braking. Even if you are on a slope, you can park immediately. The smart control handle also adopts a left-right interchangeable design, which can satisfy users with different preferences. At night or in other dark environments, it can illuminate road conditions and avoid dangerous road sections.

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

As a smart wheelchair, Airwheel H3PC motorized wheelchair can be controlled remote, via Bluetooth remote control, mobile APP, and a WeChat applet, which can be used to operate the wheelchair to move forward, backward, and turn left and right within an unobstructed distance of 8 meters.

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