AIRWHEEL service wheelchair robot H3TS+ developed for the intelligent health care market

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Recently, AIRWHEEL announced its new generation intelligent robot H3TS+, which provides the world's growing number of elderly people and disabled people with intelligent nursing systems built with cutting-edge technology. Hopefully to help them freely control their own lives like ordinary people.

Airwheel H3TS+ Smart wheelchair

As a intelligent technology enterprise based on ultra-precise technology research and development, the concept of "intelligence makes life more free" has always been the core driving force for AIRWHEEL to move forward steadily. AIRWHEEL hopes to integrate the current mature artificial intelligence technology with multi-disciplinary technology, to develop and mass produce suitable intelligent technology equipment for daily life

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair

AIRWHEEL has built a technical system with drive control system (DCS),, cognitive intelligence and a new generation of artificial intelligence technology as the core. The ecological layout of the architecture involves intelligent manufacturing, smart home, smart transportation, smart medical care, etc. Industrial applications, as well as products and services such as wheeled robots, intelligent vehicles, intelligent terminals, and intelligent services. At present, there are 401 global patents and 169 invention patents that have been obtained, the intelligent wheelchair robot, which is an important part of Airwheel's intelligent ecosystem, has 62 related patents.

The newly released intelligent mobility robot H3TS+ integrates technologies such as remote wireless control, multi-mode human-computer interaction, flexible robot manipulation, multi-mode perception, providing users with special needs a combination of sitting and lying travel solution. As a wheeled robot transportation product, it can help users easily achieve a moving speed of 6km/h, and can cope with various types of indoor and outdoor road conditions with ease, even in highly complex situations such as narrow spaces, bumpy road sections.

Airwheel H3TS+ intelligent wheelchair

Its seat-reclining system incorporates an ergonomic electric joint skeleton design. Users only need to move the hand-side smart control box to easily adjust the angle of the seat to ensure that the spine, neck, head and other body parts are suitable for specific angles. It allows users to obtain the most relaxed body posture, and can meet the needs of various states such as sitting, lying, so as to realize daily movement and rest.

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair

Technology also needs temperature. In order to further improve comfort, AIRWHEEL H3TS+ intelligent wheeled robot also implements an adjustable heating and cooling seat system, allowing users to experience a comfortable temperature in hot summer or cold winter. In addition, it has also developed a multi-functional massage function to help relieve stiffness and fatigue caused by prolonged sittin .

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchair

In terms of control, AIRWHEEL H3TS+ intelligent wheeled mobility robot also makes full use of Airwheel’s past experience in assisted driving, intelligent control, intelligent interaction technology, etc., and comprehensively achieves “barrier-free” for users from multiple angles. It simplifies and improves the control of the machine, realizes multiple operations such as direction, speed control, folding, etc. so that elderly can quickly get started to use. At the same time, two remote control systems are also provided: wireless remote control and smart APP to help users control the mobility robot H3TS+ without touching the wheelchair directly, such as early control The wheelchair robot can go to the bedside, store and retrieve it autonomously when traveling by car, etc.

Airwheel H3TS+ power wheelchair

With strong R&D strength in intelligent technology, keen market insight, and rich experience in the implementation of intelligent products, AIRWHEEL has become an international manufacturer of intelligent wheelchairs. The wheeled mobility robot product has also obtained the China Class II medical device production license. At the same time, AIRWHEEL is also a smart wheelchair brand that has entered the European medical insurance system Like Italy, Poland . Some other countries Norway, the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, and Germany are on the process.

The meaning of intelligent technology is to assist people to develop their potential in life in new ways and move towards the future with a more positive attitude. we believe that the advent of AIRWHEEL H3TS+ intelligent wheeled robot can help users reduce obstacles and enhance equal participation in society. The robot has become an important equipment for them to develop a wonderful life.

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