How to travel in hot summer? Airwheel SE3S Smart Riding Suitcase Takes You Around

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Abstract: We will continue to talk about how to travel with Airwheel SE3S in summer.

Airwheel SE3S Smart suitcase

·Easy to pick and place

As a luggage, in terms of storage, Airwheel SE3S smart luggage has sufficient storage space up to 20L, and the interior of the box is planned with reasonable functional partitions. There are storage bags that can organize all kinds of trivial items such as keys, documents, pens, etc. At the same time, the box cover adopts a side-opening design, and there is a buckle structure on the side. Through reasonable adjustment, it can be opened in two states of 45° half-opening and 90° fully-opening. The half-open state is suitable for temporary access to items to protect privacy. , it will not cause the luggage to be scattered, which is very practical.

Airwheel SE3S Smart suitcase

·Strengthened body

When storing luggage, it is necessary not only to put it in reasonably, but also to ensure a strong box body. Only in this way can the luggage in the box be protected from being squeezed and damaged by external forces during the journey. Airwheel SE3S robotics suitcase not only uses ABS+PC material for the box shell, which is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and splash-resistant; it also has a box frame with an exclusive patented design, which is made of 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy and is made of one-piece molding technology. It is also reinforced with dozens of high-strength riveting to ensure that the case is more docile, the load can reach 110kg, and it will not be deformed after long-term riding, and various luggage items can be safely placed.

Airwheel SE3S Smart suitcase

Worry-free boarding

As a suitcase designed in strict accordance with the international 20-inch boarding standard specification, Airwheel SE3S smart boarding suitcase can naturally accompany the owner to board the plane smoothly. Although it is powered by a lithium battery, the battery capacity is 73.26WH, and it adopts a modular design. Before boarding the plane and going through the security check, it is only necessary to quickly disassemble the lithium battery, and then it can pass smoothly. It is very convenient to carry and board the plane without any tools. The box lock adopts the internationally accepted TSA customs lock, which can avoid violent opening when passing through the customs and ensure a smooth journey.

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