The ability to travel without getting exhausted depends on whether you have Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase with you (Chapter 1).

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Abstract: As a luggage, it can be used not only for storage, but also as a mobility device for the "last mile" of the journey. The Airwheel SE3S smart luggage can meet both requirements.

Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase


Here are 5 highlights of the Airwheel SE3S and I believe it will bring much fun and convenience for your next travel.

-Being rideable

In order to solve the exhausting experience of frequent walking and weight-bearing during the journey, Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is specially equipped with 5.5" powerful motor wheels, which can turn the luggage originally only for "storage" into a walking equipment. No longer to walk to the station or airport.

Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase


It offers users two modes of carrying, a common towing mode and a cycling mode that solves the tiredness of the journey. The latter relies on the powerful motor wheels at the bottom of the case and the retractable smart riding handle, which work together to achieve a speed of up to 13km/h. Users can simply get on the case and move quickly and effortlessly, ensuring a more relaxed journey.

Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase


In addition to travelling, with such powerful performance of "storage" and "riding" in one, the Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase can also be used for shopping, events, book collecting and so on, bringing more convenience to life.

Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase


-Being strong

Due to the need to ride for long periods of time, the Airwheel SE3S smart luggage requires a strong case. Only when the strength is fully ensured can the user be assured of riding and storing skin care products, electronic products and other items that should not be subjected to external impact.

The case of the Airwheel SE3S robotic luggage is made of ABS+PC composite material, which is hard and tough enough to effectively absorb the impact caused by knocks during normal use. At the same time, it adopts a patented frame design, using aerospace grade 6 series high grade aluminium alloy as material, applying a more stable uni-body forming process, fully supporting the case structure, and reinforced with dozens of high-strength riveted joints, with a load capacity of 110kg.

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