Let’s check out what kind of problems Airwheel SE3miniTT smart scooter luggage can solve.

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Abstract: In recent years, rideable luggage is more and more frequently used in airports, stations and other places. In fact, this is a new travel equipment launched by Airwheel. Actually, it has launched a number of different types of products. Today, we will check out what kind of problems Airwheel SE3miniTT smart scooter luggage can solve.  

Airwheel SE3Mini smart scooter suitcase


Problem 1: What should I do if I feel tired and too many schedules during travel?

Although airplanes, high-speed trains and other long-distance transport have been fast and convenient enough, long time walk is still required. No matter for travellers or for the business persons, it not only wastes time, but also makes them exhausted.

Airwheel SE3Mini smart scooter suitcase


As a smart luggage, Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase is very innovative with 4-inch motor wheels, and designed with a perfect power structure, which can carry users forward easily. Driven by electric energy, it can ride at a speed of up to 9km/h, which is faster than walking, and can be said to save energy while greatly improving efficiency. with it, whether it's the airport or the station, we can just ride on it quickly through.

More importantly, it’s super easy to use. Sit on and press the handle to go forward and backward, with the right handle to control the acceleration, the left handle to control the brake.

Airwheel SE3Mini smart scooter suitcase


Problem 2: How can I keep my electronic devices on the go without running out of power during the trip?

For most people who are used to cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, smart bracelets and other types of devices to carry, it is inconvenient to charge when you want to charge. Considering this pain point, Airwheel SE3miniT rideable luggage has added USB interface, which can be taken as the portable power bank to allow you change anytime and anywhere.

Problem 3: Can I get a smooth flight without checking in?

Airwheel SE3miniT volume is in line with the international standard specification for 20-inch boarding suitcases, so it can be carried directly on board, without the need to check in, which is suitable for frequent airline users.

The battery is a modular design with a capacity of 74WH, so it only needs to be quickly disassembled before the security check.

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