Let Airwheel S3 Be Your Greener Lifestyle

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  Daily commute from home to working place can be boring and tiring especially when you often get stuck in the traffic or squeezed in the subway cart and bus. Then you definitely have to try the Airwheel S3 to experience something fresh. The Airwheel S3 is meant for exploring the unknown and unleashing the wild imagination of the euphoria of the nature and freedom.

Let Airwheel S3 Be Your Greener Lifestyle

  The Airwheel S3 self-balancing electric scooter can be used as a transporter as well as a workout gadget. It is a cool invention meant for everyone and sees huge market capacity. The Airwheel S3 is designed to be light, compact with top speed 18km/h and battery range 25-65km. The top quality Li-ion battery generates stable power supply to ensure a superior steering experience. It goes popular among gym-goers, commuters and so on. Get away from offices, cabins, smart phones and computers, leave behind all the unhealthy lifestyles and troubles, there’s nothing better in the world than returning to the nature and discovering the beautiful scenery around on an Airwheel S3.

  To improve youngster’s riding experience, Airwheel electric scooter is controlled by a cutting-edge self-balancing system and multiple protection measures. Thanks to a build-in Japan-made Li-ion battery, it delivered potent power which suffices for climbing and cross-country. It can carry a maximum load of 120kg at top speed 18km/h and covers a maximum range of 25km-65km per charge.

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  After the release of the Airwheel S3, various marketing campaigns have been launched including experience-oriented marketing, intensive advertisement, free trial and word-of-mouth marketing. The Airwheel S3 electric scooter has won global awareness and popularity, which paves the road for its distributors and dealers. In addition, the diversified distribution channels including retail, wholesale, online shop, rental service contributes to a golden lucrative opportunity for all the distributors and dealers.

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