Airwheel's Core Notion About the Self-balancing Scooter

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  The sector of self-balancing scooters has been thriving not for a long time. However, the influence and impact of self-balancing scooters exceed our previous expectations. There are a lot of scooter-makers in the existing market at present time. Airwheel is amongst them. As a leader in the sector, Airwheel has been making efforts to make itself perfect.

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  From the date of its establishment on, Airwheel has been unswervingly pursuing the notion of minimalist-chic style, eco-friendly technology and user-friendly design. It rolled out X-series and Q-series by sequence. Both of them gained an immense popularity worldwide. Recently, it has unveiled another brand new model, intelligent self-balancing scooter S3. This model is hailed as the ultimate in Airwheel’s design and technology.

  From the exterior of S3, it is easy to feel Airwheel’s maniacal attention to details, from handlebar grips to the whole bodywork. The bodywork is endowed with the streamlined and sleek design, wearing a white and blue colour scheme. The two main tones confers an air of concisely and naturally beauty on S3.

  Besides, Airwheel rolled out other models of X-series a couple of years. Years passing, scooter enthusiasts are still obsessed by models of X-series. Although the structure of single wheel might scare away some tyros, its agility takes some beating in all lines of Airwheel. Almost all veteran scooter enthusiasts willingly opt for X-series to show their thrilling skills of riding scooter.

  Based on the X-series, Airwheel released a twin-wheeled scooter, Q-series. Q-series inherits the exterior design from X-series. However, Airwheel gave a ground-breaking tweak to the wheel structure. The single-wheeled structure was transformed into the twin-wheeled one. The twin-wheeled structure contributes to keeping balance and seems more user-friendly. Therefore, Q-series becomes the favourite of tyros.

self balance electric unicycle,2-wheeled electric scooter,one wheel electric scooter

  All these models are minimalist on design, but are complex on technology. The built-in lithium battery core provides thrust. They max out at 16 km/h and cover along 40km at full. The maintenance of balance relies on the gyroscope system underneath the standing board. The controllable driving speed is contingent on the angle of titling body forward. More importantly, this electric-powered scooter produces no emission while rolling.

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