Airwheel S3 Review: Effortless Learning, Safer Ride

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  The Airwheel S3 may give you an impression as a clone of the bigger and more expensive Segway. But in terms of size and weight the S3 is much lighter and smaller than its competitors. Many people may wonder that how does it differ from a Segway? First, the Airwheel S3 has more features than a Segway apart from moving from point A to B, it has LED lights running up its control stick, it even has a pair of bright LED lights on the front and break lights on the rear, these features alone are the safety features for the vehicle itself, which will at least allow you to ride safely in the night.

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  Second, the LED display on the Airwheel S3 makes it one major difference from the Segway, although this isn’t really a big deal but it shows information that you will need to know – cruising speed, odometer and battery status. The Airwheel S3 has a pair of built-in Bluetooth speakers so you’ll be able to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, it might sound gimmicky for the average user however in commercial use, I daresay that the speakers can be very useful for playing commercial shout outs, we might even see an ice cream man riding the Airwheel S3 with that jingle-ling on.

  The Airwheel S3’s maximum speed of 18km/h is designed similarly with the rest of the Airwheel products and emphasizes on safety riding. In our very own ride on experience, we rode the S3 at an average speed of 10km/h and it feels scary enough to ride even faster, though you might actually feel the adrenaline for doing so however you would really want to avoid accidents, which is also why Airwheel does not want its products to be as fast as its competitor. Remember folks, this is meant to be a leisure/productive vehicle other than racing.

  The Airwheel S3 is a pretty easy vehicle to ride on. You don’t need to be an expert as you simply need to hold on to the handle and step on it. This vehicle should be able to fit the average and slightly fatter body size but you simply have to remain calm and stabilize yourself before you start moving. Unlike the unicycle models, you use the vehicle’s handle to maneuver its motion and direction – push to accelerate and pull to slow down – it’s just that simple. While this may not be the most practical device to ride on busy roads, the Airwheel S3 does intend to serve its purpose in some ways – for riding to a nearby store or cafe in your neighborhood and transporting people in a huge warehouse, factories, shopping malls and airports.

Airwheel S3 Review: Effortless Learning, Safer Ride

  Lastly, the Airwheel S3 comes with a remote that lets you turn on the device and without it, the vehicle isn’t able to operate and the manual on/off switch won’t just let you start off and go, you’ll need to press both the on/off switch on the vehicle and the remote to get the S3 operational – pretty much like a two-step verification.

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