Airwheel: A Hands-free Alternative to Bikes and Cars

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Abstract: The Airwheel unicycle/scooter is an innovative and fun device to ride. It’s portable and powerful and is especially helpful for users to commute or for recreation.

The Airwheel unicycle/scooter is a wonderful little transportation device. It’s innovative and very fun to ride. The Airwheel is kind of like a motorcycle version of a Segway, but smaller, lighter, easier to transport and a lot more fun to ride. It’s also a lot cheaper than a Segway. It actively balances forward and back. The controls are simple: Lean forward to go forward, and backward to slow down or stop. There are no hand controls, leaving hands free.
Airwheel; unicycle 
Though it might look like a precarious balancing act on one wheel, remember that the Airwheel actively balances forward and back. If you do hit an uneven spot in the pavement, you just step off and take a few steps to recover. You’re not going that fast, and your feet are only a few inches off the ground, so you just have to step off the foot platforms.
The Airwheel is very well built and durable. It won’t take long foryou to get the basics of riding. Begin by just balancing on the Airwheel near a wall and using your hands for balance. You might find it convenient to start in an office building that has short firm carpet. That will keep your Airwheel from getting scratched as you’re learning. It’s important to grip the Airwheel firmly between your legs. If you just stand on the foot pads with the Airwheel loose between your ankles, you won’t have any control. At first you will probably grip the Airwheel too tightly with your legs, causing bruises if you don’t wear any padding. When you lose your balance, use the training strap to keep the Airwheel upright so it won’t get scratched. You will lose your balance and have to step off a lot, but you won’t fall. You will now be having fun.
The Airwheel unicycle/scooter boasts a twelve mile range and a bit over an hour charging time if the batteries are fully depleted, though your actual range in practice will depend on the terrain, rider weight, and probably riding style.


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