An Up-close Look at Airwheel S3

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Abstract: The Airwheel S3 has become a bestseller and created a buying frenzy in the market since its launch in 2014. While many people have long been curious about this model of Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter, few are familiar with the S3 in details. Here we are going to have a close-up with the Airwheel S3.

The Airwheel S3 is a brand new model of two-wheeled intelligent electric scooter produced by the Airwheel Technology. While the Airwheel S3 has many counterparts in the market, it is the only unit whose price is below 1500 dollars since its introduction to the market. Although the market demand for intelligent scooters is growing, the prices of these devices linger high. The Airwheel S3 broke the barrier to become the first affordable electric scooter since its launch in 2014. Some people worry that low price may lead to low quality or use of inferior materials. But is it true?

Up-close Look at Airwheel S3

The Airwheel S3 weighs only 22.4kg, which makes it the most portable one in the category of two-wheeled scooters. The reason why the S3 can be so lightweight is that the casing is made of polymer nano-material which is extremely durable and lightweight.

The Airwheel S3 boasts many features. Along the control shaft, there are LED atmosphere lights. The handle bars are bound with comfortable silicone pad to prevent from slippery. You may wonder what is the function of the atmosphere lights? First of all, the lights are stylishly designed, and secondly, the lights can make your night riding safer. When you turn on the lights, people in the cars will be alerted when approaching so as to avoid potential accidents.

Airwheel S3

With the streamlined contour, the Airwheel S3 is a piece of artwork. Every detail highlights the exquisite workmanship and unique design. As an intelligent electric scooter, the S3 shares many similarities with a car whereas holds portable features. Moreover, unlike the gas-fueled cars, the S3 is powered by Lithium battery which is green to the environment. The Airwheel S3 is the best choice for those who advocate green lives.

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