Whizz Through Streets on Airwheel

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Abstract: As portable intelligent scooters gain popularity in recent years, people become more and more familiar with this kind of futuristic contraption. However, when they turn to the purchase, they are likely to be hesitant on which brand and model to choose. Here we are going to introduce you some affordable models for your reference.

Whizz Through Streets on Airwheel

There is a group of young people who have unique tastes to personal transport. Among them, a kind of gyro-stabilized self-balancing electric unicycle has caught subsequent attention. Compared to the gas-fueled cars, electric unicycles boasts many advantages. They are small in size and can be rolled along the pavements despite of traffic jams. They are environmental friendly with zero emissions. And they are such attention getters that wherever you go, you'll become the focus and be asked with numerous question. Below are some popular models from the world renowned self-balancing electric scooter producer the Airwheel Technology.


The Airwheel Q3

The Airwheel Q3 is a model with the highest battery capacity among the full range of products. It is one of the bestsellers thanks to its stylish design and powerful performance. The dual-wheeled design makes a better riding stability. The Q3 is geared with a Sony Lithium battery which is one of the world's most advanced battery with outstanding endurance time. The adjacent two wheels adds the grip ability and shorten the learning curve for beginners.

The Airwheel X3

The X series unicycles feature a cool exterior look. The Airwheel X3 can reach a maximum speed of 18kmph with the average speed up to 12kmpl. It can cover a distance of 20km for a single full charge, being adequate to meet daily commuting routines. The Airwheel is a perfect device for you to make short distance travel or move around in the neighborhood.


The Airwheel Q1

Being the first release of the Q series, the Airwheel Q1 is a revolutionary model which has won great praise. The Airwheel is the pioneer for dual-wheeled unicycles, and the release of Q1 marks the start of popularization of dual-wheeled unicycles.

The above are three models favored by Airwheel customers. If you are interested in electric unicycles, you can visit the Airwheel's website http://www.airwheel.net/ to find out more models and useful information.

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