A Preview Of Airwheel Electric Unicycle Vehicle

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Question 3: Why an electric unicycle?
It could either be a commuting transporter or an entertaining device, whatever your motivation is, always keep in mind why you want one in the first place and this will help you with the most appropriate decision.
Question 4: How to ride an electric unicycle?
Although electric unicycle features leading balancing technology, not everyone can get a hang of it at the first try. Based on massive feedbacks from Airwheel riders, starters of different coordinating and balancing skills learn at different pace. All it takes is practice: get used to be on the unit, try to balance yourself and then lean forward to go forward, practice accelerating, decelerating and making turns.
Question 5: How to maintain an electric unicycle?
Like all the other products powered a build-in lithium battery, keep your electric unicycle away from water. In addition, remember to charge your Airwheel at least once every 60 days when it’s not in use.
Since the invention of the first transport tool, we have undergone drastic changes in the way of getting around: bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, trains and airplanes are invented for purposes of inter-town trips and intercontinental journeys.
With the ever-changing science and technology in this era, the traditional transport means are gradually phased out. People today are craving for something more intelligent, more environmentally friendly and humanized, as a solution to the last 5 miles from the destination.
And this is when Airwheel self balancing unicycle makes its debut. Let’s embrace for this era of revolutionary transporters!
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