Airwheel Unicycle Highlighted in Mos Patiparn's Concert

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Airwheel Unicycle Highlighted at Mos Patiparn’s Concert

Abstract: The Airwheel as a futuristic self-balancing unicycle, can help grab more attention for the concert. The device controlled by Mos Patiparn’s body inclination made the Thai star even more enchanting.


Recently, the Thailand superstar Mos Patiparn was seen riding an electric unicycle in his own concert, which amazed his fans. It is reported that the self-balancing electric unicycle is called the Airwheel. It’s a gyro-stabilized and battery powered wheel that can be served as a personal mini transporter.

Airwheel Unicycle Highlighted in Mos Patiparn’s Concert

Mos Patiparn is a Thai film and television actor and pop singer who debuted at 16 as a model for a magazine by Poj Anon in 1990. He became the rising star when he played as “Peerapol” in the high-rating “3 Num 3 Mum” sitcom in 1991. Mos' second album, "Mr. Mos" became his most successful album ever with the sale amount of 1.5 million copies. So far, he's released 8 albums (with another 10 special albums).

On the stage, Mos Patiparn was seen zooming the Airwheel backward and forward and making fancy tricks on the wheel. It seems that the Thailand star was a master of it. That his group of dances joined in pushed the concert to the climax. In order to pursuit the best stage effect, Mos Patiparn proudly held out his hands and sang to his fans while gliding on the wheel. The gliding figure under the spotlight made the fans scream.

The Airwheel as a personal transporter has many features. It’s small in size, low-carbon, lightweight, and friendly to the environment. The device is easy to learn since it’s gyro-stabilized. Riders just have to learn forward and backward to go forward or backward. It’s really an attention getter wherever you go. The Airwheel X8 is the exact model rode by Mos Patiparn. The X8 has three color options for customers to choose: matt white, matt black, and carbon fiber. With a 16-inch wheel hub, the Airwheel X8 boasts a greater maneuverability and stability. And the device is energy clean as it is powered by a lithium battery. It can not only be used for recreation but can be the alternative to bikes and cars as well.


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