Airwheel Electric Unicycle - The Must-Have Handy Transporter in 2014

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  Showing off your lavish life style on FB or Instagram is so 2013. With the trendy eco-friendly Airwheel electric unicycle, you totally make a difference and win 200% second glance among street crowds. It is a fact known to all that automobiles as the most common transporter contribute to the deteriorating global environment. With increasing awareness and appeals of environment protection, effective actions such as limiting use of cars with certain license plate number and advocating commuting by public transportation have brought about an age of green transportation. The first step towards a green and better era is to commute on clean energy, e.g. electrical unicycles.

  Electricity is clean energy and lithium battery is a recyclable energy source. Consequently as an electric unicycle product powered by lithium battery packs, Airwheel is 100% eco-friendly. The Japan-made top Li-ion battery core which powers Airwheel features 1,800 recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. For Airwheel fans, lithium battery brings 3 prominent advantages: a. no toxic and totally hygienic; b. no memory effect, just charge and go; c. ultra-fast 1.5hr charging time. Just ride along without worrying about safety or battery burning or explosion.

  The electric unicycle we talk about here is nothing like traditional unicycles, it features portability and cutting-edge technology and belongs to the latest wearable intelligent gadgets. Thanks to aviation altitude control, fuzzy software algorithm and a gyro-system, Airwheel riders can achieve longitude balance via simply leaning forward or backward. Equipped by a training belt and a pair of training wheels, starters will get a hang of it within 5 mimutes. Airwheel is for everybody at all age.

  The major leverage of electric unicycle over automobiles is its portability. As a trendy Airwheel rider, you just wave goodbye to traffic congestions and parking headaches. Electric unicycles only take 1/5 space of a car tread, yet can carry top 120kg (264lbs) load getting around town. Its humanized design is sported on the smooth arc handle and foldable spacious aluminum pedals. Handy and portable as it is, Airwheel delivers potent range (about 20km) and power (top speed 18km/h), which satisfies daily commuting requirements.

  Airwheel electric unicycle is more than a handy transporter for commute, it stages as an entertaining and intelligent gadget as well. More and more trendsetters from all over the world have added Airwheel on their must-have list. It suffices to say that electric unicycles are leading a revolutionary trend of eco-friendly transporters.

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