Airwheel Unicycles: Small Yet Powerful

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I’d like to introduce myself first. My name is Airwheel and I’m a self-balancing electric unicycle. I’m often used as a tool for commuting. Actually, I have many advantages against many other gas-fueled vehicles.

Small Yet Powerful

The most obvious feature of me is that I’m environmental friendly. Unlike cars, I’m powered by energy clean battery and I don’t make emissions to the environment. I’m geared with a motor that is extremely power efficient and I can run with a speed quite sufficient for daily commuting. As a leading brand in the intelligent transport market, I’m proud of myself.

I’m especially loved by the young people, one of them being my master. He often takes me out with him, scooting me to different places, sometimes along the pavements of the city and sometimes on the wandering path in countryside. When he is happy, I’m happy too. Because I feel that I have fulfilled my value as a self-balancing electric unicycle should have to. Sometimes, when I’m scooting along the road seeing that many cars are stuck in the paralyzed traffic, I feel I’m so lucky not have to bear such anxiety and helplessness.


Actually I have a number of siblings and is going to have more, because more and more people are getting familiar with electric unicycles and you know, the demand for us is growing. The X series is the first generation of us, among which the X3 is the most favored model. I also have brothers and sisters from the Q series which are all dual-wheeled and easier to learn. The Q3 is a classical model, and the Q1 is the most portable model. The S3 is the youngest one yet is the most popular one, because it’s fully functioned and is equipped with a 4-inch LED panel, a control shaft, and twin intelligent ships.

I often encounter my brothers and sisters when I’m scooting outside. I’m also proud of them and I would go up and have a talk with them. I know that they all live well with their respective masters, which is worth celebrating for them, and for me as well.

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