Tennis Players Try Airwheel Unicycles

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Abstract: The Airwheel caught the attention at WTA BMW Malaysian Open 2015. As a green transporter, the Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle is becoming a trend among young people.


The WTA BMW Malaysian Open 2015, with prize money $250,000, has wrapped up, but the memory about the female players remain fresh. Professional players are reckoned to have extraordinary response speed and excellent balancing ability. Then, how will they behave when riding electric unicycles?

Tennis Players Try Airwheel Unicycles

From the photo above, we can see that the Airwheel Q5 is relatively easy to get the hang of it. The staff behind the tennis player is actually hands-free. It is really a good performance for someone stepping on the wheel for the first time. This of course is attributed to the balancing ability of the tennis player on the one hand. On the hand, it is because of the remarkable stability of the Airwheel Q5, which has two wheels adjacently set to add the grip ability. This kind of dual-wheeled design is patented by the Airwheel and is exclusive in the electric unicycle market.

The Airwheel’s another S line is quite different from the Q series. The S3 is an intelligent electric scooter featuring a standing platform and a control shaft, making it even easier to steer than the Q5. Nevertheless, the S3 operates the same as the Q5 as they are all based on gyro technology. The Airwheel S3 barely requires learning effort.


The photo below shows the booth where the Airwheel made its display during the WTA BMW Malaysian Open. We can see that the Airwheel has caught the public’s attention. As a leading manufacturer in the intelligent portable transport market, the Airwheel is committed to providing customers the best riding experience with most qualified self-balancing electric unicycles/scooters.


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