Airwheel Unveils Electric Unicycle X3 for Skillful Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

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Abstract:For skillful and veteran riders, Airwheel Technology Company brings a new agile electric unicycle model, the Airwheel X3. This self-balancing unicycle will allow riders to showcase a variety of fancy tricks in the streets and squares.

April 28, 2015 – According to the company reports, Airwheel electric unicycle X3 is becoming very popular among the young generation for its agility and allowing people to perform a variety of exciting acts on this single-wheeled vehicle. However, this electric unicycle is often recommended to the skillful rider who can achieve a superior body balance to ride it safely and joyfully.


 Airwheel Unveils Electric Unicycle X3 for Skillful Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

The spokesperson of the company maintains that Airwheel X3 is famous for its agile features and skillful riders are obsessed by its agility, design excellence and the great performance. Many riders love to present their fancy tricks in the streets and squares for a thrilling experience. Some of the common tricks include moving in circles, standing upside down/ sitting on the scooter while rolling on it, bypassing obstacles and many others. One can gradually gain the confidence and expertise to perform a variety of exciting acts, without any fear.

The X3 self-balancing unicycle is appreciated by people for its compact and space-saving design which adds to its portability. The implementation of the leading core technology makes it an ideal transportation alternative for the modern population. Fitted with powerful and large-capacity battery core, the unicycle can be used for traveling significant distances after a single charge. Moreover, the battery operated unicycles consume less energy and are also remarkable for their low emission rate. This is the reason why Airwheel unicycles are considered the low-carbon and environment friendly mode of transportation for the modern population.


Airwheel pays a great attention to the design basics of its unicycles and self-balancing scooters. The X3 electric scooter comes with a built-in balancing chip system with gyroscope and aviation attitude control techniques that allow riders to gain superior control while moving forward or performing any act. The aviation aluminum pedal can fit every feet size to facilitate easy and comfortable riding on any terrain.

The Airwheel X3 model has a lot of astounding features to be termed as a futuristic personal transportation alternative for the young generation. To learn more about its features, one may visit the website

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