Intelligent balance car brand competition

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  With the development of science and technology, intelligent products more and more appear in people's vision, such as smart mobile phone, intelligent lighting, remote video control system etc.. It is precisely because of these intelligent product involvement, the life of people more and more convenient and comfortable. Intelligent balance car also belongs to the intelligent products, is nearly two years before the emergence of the high-tech personal transportation.

  It is understood, the balance of the car in 2012 formally entered the China market. Now on the market, there are two main types of intelligent car balance, is a single wheel, one is double. The major manufacturers have cable Lowe solowheel, elwe, No. nine Airwheel ninebot, Segway, IPS etc. the Segway, above five, basic covers all share the balance of the car market.

  Foreign monks will recite and chant Scripture?

  The balance of the car market, is a continuation of "quality and sales of foreign products have shown overwhelming" phenomenon? In fact, in five the balance of the car is the main manufacturers, foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises in the potential to do many things at once. Among them, elwe and IPS is purely domestic enterprises, especially the aierwei Airwheel, founder Zuo Guogang led his team, with indomitable spirit, just rushed out a self-developed Road, enjoy a very good reputation in the minds of consumers. Cable Lowe solowheel invented by Inventist In. Shane Chen USA company, No. 9 Ninebot Inc. was founded in USA Silicon Valley, subject to the founding team from Silicon Valley Internet elite and from China robotics engineer. More than five manufacturer, are occupying the balance of the car market place, market share, domestic enterprises are not lost to foreign enterprises.

  Single wheel, double, who is the main?

  In order to cope with the different needs of consumers, the balance of the car is divided into single wheel and double wheel two. Solowheel is now in single wheel mainly products are various roaming, elves, limit, the ring rail series, only a drift is kind of double wheel products. The difference is that Airwheel and other manufacturers elwe, except for a single round of X series, and the first exclusive double wheel hub Q series, is the unique patented products; S3 two wheeled balancing car recently launched, with 4999 yuan / Taiwan price broke the price threshold. Nine, the product is not much, only Ninebot, Windrunner, Ninebotone three, but do both single wheel wheel. The Segway product kinds and mini section, the urban section, off-road section, golf section, police models, even the old section. Compared with the above four, the IPS product upgrading capacity is obviously insufficient, more a single species.

  The revolution has not yet succeeded, the brand still needs the effort!

  Throughout the entire intelligent balance car market, a booming trend continues, I believe many brand manufacturers have seen the balance of the car market potential. As an emerging market, the overall capacity each year, the balance of the car are expanding. This cake is how much? The time needed to give the answer. With the passage of time, the balance of the car market will be towards the direction of standardization development. At present, as the balance of the car brand leader who, for the overall development of the market and their own, there are a lot of work to do.

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