Malaysia Airwheel @ Crossroad Auto Show 2015


Malaysia Airwheel made a display of its full range of self-balancing electric unicycles/scooters at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from May 8th – 10th.



The Crossroad Auto Show 2015 started on May 8th at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) at Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For this 3 days event, the Malaysia Airwheel made a display of its full range of self-balancing electric unicycles/scooters.

Emerged as a leading brand in the global portable intelligent transport industry, the Airwheel boasts a stunning 60% of global market share and a network of distributors in more than 20 countries. The Airwheel unicycle/scooter research & development project was initiated by a group of pioneers dreaming to revolutionize the personal transport industry by integrating the fun and pragmatic features into gyro technology.

During the Auto Show, The Malaysia Airwheel will bring seven models ranging 3 series to display, namely Airwheel X3, X8, Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, S3. Visitors and potential clients can go to the booth to take an on-spot experience and make enquiries. The Airwheel X, Airwheel Q and Airwheel S have their respective unique features. Unicycles of the Airwheel X are all single-wheeled which makes for a playful fun ride. You’ll get a hang of it after a day’s practice. The Airwheel Q series are all dual-wheeled which are adjacently set and allow for a more stable ride than one-wheeled models. Most people manage to drive a dual-wheeled Airwheel Q in 5 minutes. The Airwheel S is an incredible revolutionary design with a wide platform and a long shaft for users to comfortably stand and hold. Due to the standing platform, there’s barely learning curve for riders to steer the unit. The S3 is also a fully functional model. It comes with built in speakers, wireless connection, 2 remote controls, and a 4-inch LED display screen which shows the battery life, speed and miles achieved.



Self-balancing unicycles/scooters have become quite popular in recent couple of years. Most visitors have been intrigued by these smart and futuristic-looking contraptions, as they are considered the next generation of personal transporters fitting for a green lifestyle. Those who are interested in electric scooters can go to the Crossroad Auto Show anytime 10.00 am – 9.00 pm from May 8 – 10, 2015. Compared to the high prices of many of its competitors, the Airwheel is committed to promoting a green lifestyle by offering quality products with affordable prices. Visitors can experience the devices themselves before deciding which model to choose.


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