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Abstract: As a new means of transport, the self-balancing electric unicycle requires more effort by customers when they choose the best intelligent electric unicycle. The Airwheel is a leading brand in the self-balancing electric unicycle/scooter market. With the prices of many competitors set sky-high, the Airwheel is committed to providing customers with affordable units.

The intelligent portable transporter is becoming more and more popular and there emerged many companies specializing in the production of self-balancing products. This enables the public to have a wider choice of commuting vehicles beside bikes, cars, buses or metro.


The prices of self-balancing unicycles, however, varies greatly depending on the brands and models. Currently, the intelligent portable transporters in the market can be categorized into two groups. One is for the high-end market. Unicycles in this category are very expensive, mostly over 1500 dollars. Obviously, these units are not suitable for common people to buy. Usually these high-end products are purchased by enterprises, rarely by individuals. For those electric unicycles in the other group, the prices are relatively low and are affordable to the individuals. The Airwheel is such a brand that falls in this group. Due to its price competitiveness and high quality, the Airwheel is well accepted by most young people and has won a great market share.

The prices and features of different electric unicycles may vary depending on their respective catering market. Customers have to put their own needs and prices into consideration when choosing which brand and model.

The Airwheel as a leading brand in the market, wins praise by tens of thousands of customers with its quality. Yet, the price of the Airwheel is quite affordable. The Airwheel now offers a range of products catering different needs. Compared to its competitors such as Ninebot and Segway, the Airwheel is obviously more suitable for the young people. The latest Airwheel S3 is an immediate bestseller thanks to its competitive price and excellent performance.

A GREEN AND AFFORDABLE PERSONAL TRANSPORT: AIRWHEEL SELF-BALANCING ELECTRIC UNICYCLEPrice and performance are two major factors for customers when choosing products. An electric unicycle priced over 2000 dollars would be not cost-effective. The Airwheel S3 is no inferior to those over-priced brands. The Airwheel is committed to making the self-balancing electric unicycles affordable to the public while providing the best experience to its customers.


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