Airwheel S3 frees you from heavy traffic

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Abstract: The Airwheel S3 adopts a brand new humanized design with considerable details. It's lightweight, comfortable and powerful. With the Airwheel S3, you are liberalized from the heavy traffic.


According to official statistics, the Airwheel Technology has held many exhibitions displaying its self-balancing electric scooters in many countries, including the latest Uruguay and Malaysia. The Airwheel is always actively promoting its products worldwide in a bid to introduce a new personal transport and, more importantly, a green travel style to the world. By holding and participating in exhibitions, the Airwheel wants more people to have the chance to experience this future-concept smart device and to benefit from this it.

Airwheel S3 frees you from heavy traffic

The Airwheel has a range of self-balancing scooters available, among which the S3 obviously is a hot sale due to its brand new design and excellent performance. With the Airwheel S3, you are liberalized from the heavy traffic.

The S3 is a fully-functional model that can do more than you expected. It's mainly used as a vehicle for commuting. It can also be used as a personal transport for getting round, for outing, and even for shopping. What's more exciting, the S3 is equipped with built-in wireless speakers. You can listen to music through your mobile device while scooting around. The atmosphere lights along the control shaft which can be turned on with a remoter, is not only beautiful but can make the rider have a safer night riding.


The S3 electric scooter might look bulky, as it has a wide standing platform and a long control shaft. But actually it's quite lightweight. It weighs merely 22.4kg, which is much lighter than any other competitors. The maximum speed of the scooter can reach 18km/h, which is enough for commuting purposes. There are other humanized designs. For example, the S3 is equipped with a 4-inch LED display panel which shows the temperature, the speed and the battery level, etc. The handlebars, control shaft are all detachable so that the unit can be cleaned easily. The handlebars are taped with silicone gel that is comfortable and anti-slipping. At the back of the handlebar, there’s a bumper strip which prevents the front of the device from scratching against walls.



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